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I began investing in my spirituality- meditation, astral projections, shadow work, ancestral mediumship, etc. at a young age. Receiving clarity, I understood the world needs to appreciate the Earth for the infinite abundance and healing she brings. Carrying a crystal with me was one of my ways to commemorate the Earth; but, turning my crystals into jewelry was a fashionable game-changer. It isn't until now that I'm learning how to carry out my purpose through Goddess Gift.

Crystal Ball
About Our Leather
Healing Stones


All of our crystals are 100% authentic. We do NOT use glass beads as substitutes for real gemstones, and we take pride in providing the most high-quality crystals to our clients. Many of our gemstones are sourced from all over the world such as Africa, South America, Asia, and even right here in the USA! Once our crystal gemstones are retrieved, they are cleansed via sage & palo santo, intentional water, herbal incense, and buried in the ground to renew its energies. 


Our crystals are wrapped in both copper wire and aluminum wire. Copper has long been revered for its cleansing abilities since the ancient times. Each piece is made with an intuitive design, and hand-crafted into the utmost perfection.

Fun fact: The origin of throwing pennies in water fountains was meant to cleanse the water for drinking!

Goddess Gift is expanding its endeavors to become wholly sustainable by reusing copper wire. Join us in saving the world!

Bending a silver wire in a workshop
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