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About Us

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Gaia's Gift is based in Memphis, Tennessee and matched with none else. We pride ourselves in providing beautiful, intentional crystal jewelries delivered in eco-friendly packaging for beyond affordable prices.  Whether it's accompanying you on your spiritual journey or simply complementing your style, we are here to help, heal, and bring awareness to the Earth.


I am Toriyell- the founder of Gaia's Gift. I began investing in my spirituality- meditation, astral projections, shadow work, ancestral mediumship, etc. at a young age. Receiving clarity, I understood the world needs to appreciate the Earth (Gaia) for the infinite abundance and healing it brings. Carrying a crystal with me was one of my ways to commemorate the Earth; but, turning my crystals into jewelry was a fashionable game-changer. It isn't until now that I'm learning how to carry out my purpose through Goddess Gift.

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